Faith in my medium?

ok, so here is a page from Jimmy Corrigan that made me just feel all calm and happy about comics:

I can’t properly explain why I think this page is so amazing and economical and informative about the story and beautiful without sounding insane, so just, there it is. I need to go find my copy of this. really, it’s amazing.


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in which Megan is panicking about making comics

ok, you know what? putting this under one of those cuts. it’s ridiculously long, and if you aren’t interested in my floundering, the only redeeming quality is this link to a Chris Ware Q&A.

anyway, for lots of Megan Being Confused And Not Making Sense click:


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it’s kind of a “Throner”

I’ve been reading more and more superhero stuff. And lately stuff by DC when formerly I was mainly a marvel girl if I read  mainstream western comics at all.

So: I really like Teen Titans Year One. The art is really pretty. Like, I really, really like the style, though once or twice (wondergirl with literal floods of tears) went weirdly into manga-esque places (which I thought was strange, since it looks so western to me? whatever, I think my sense of manga-influenced art is all out of whack after reading almost exclusively manga for years before any American stuff) but generally has this really great, consistent quality that I can’t explain why I like exactly. 

Also, the writing makes me laugh. More on that forthcoming. I’m a sucker for beginning stories, it seems like, and I don’t know anything about who the teen titans are, so this was a good intro.

Basically, Batman is a jerk the entire time. Like, I felt really, really bad for poor robin. 

but Alfred? he is the best dad ever:

Comes to robin’s stakeout of angst with a bag lunch. He even put a little “R” on there and everything.


so prepare for a picture spam (of photos of the comic, since I am too lazy to scan, but feel the need to share) after the jump, if this works. spoilers, probably. but it’s good so you should read the thing anyway: (more…)

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green, green, green

South Mountain

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trying very hard to come up with some story for myself. not having much luck, I don’t know what kind of story I want to make (except a good one) and if I should write a srcipt or doodle something or what. frustrating.
this post is mostly to show this picture of a leaf, because it is pretty.

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halfway through flight volume 5:

the only stories I really, really loved so far were the new “treehead and igloohead” story and the malinky robot karakuri(?) story.

the beisbol one was pretty cute too, but not my favorite.

am I too hard to please now? I find myself uninterested in most of the stories so far. some I was put off by art or boring/uninteresting story (how is this possible considering the fantastical plots? I can’t say) and (weirdly) the way the words were written by hand or something. 

this would all be less distressing if I actually had something to SHOW for my snobbishness. I want to do something amazing.


(More than once.)

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I was going to put lyrics here, but it made no sense.

more art at deviantart

stayed up really late working on pages after a script-related snafu. d’oh. but I am excited.

also really excite ‘cus flight 5 just arrived at my house. Still kind of miss the days of volume 1 where I knew of a bunch of the submitters and was SO. EXCITED. to see them published. Like the girl who did Strings of Fate and those people. To ask “where are they now” is probably ridiculous; they are probably having great careers I just don’t know about anymore. 

I should follow webcomics now. I am really ignorant of what’s out there now. My dad just got a new scary-go-round book. Something isn’t right.



here is a picture from going to the zoo today:

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Megan, you’re a loser

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changed blog design again. Have yet to find one I am completely happy with. though I did only just figure out that there’s some customizable stuff…

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