more Mucha lovefest

August 27, 2008 at 10:31 pm Leave a comment

I hear (well read on the internet) that Mucha and Gauguin were pals? uh. the only way that could get more awesome is if Van Gogh wrote Mucha some Very Earnest Letters.(that reminds me that I need to read that book of Van Gogh’s letters…)


so, I’m looking for a full version of what this is from. I know it’s a watercolor by mucha:

will probably be searching in the school library for pictures by him anyway. it’s for a secret project. kind of.

anyway, now I am looking at more delicius mucha art on google images, so here is one of my favorites. it’s the colors:

I also found the work of Zinaida Serebriakova recently. Admittedly, I pretty much just googled her and went “ooh, pretty” so I can’t like, geek out and tell you much about her. But her stuff is really amazing. I thought she must have been more or less contemporary from her self portrait:

but she was working in around the 1900s.

gonna try to look her up some more when I have the time. Along with a bunch of other artists whose work I’ve saved onto my desktop. more substantial posts soon, I promise. and art and Comic info. yes!

but now I need to go pack. ugh.


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Faith in my medium? !!!!!

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