Because it’s 2:30 AM and no one is awake to keep me company:

July 16, 2008 at 1:41 am Leave a comment

good things while comicing

  • listening to This American Life online
  • listening to animated commentaries
  • drinking diet coke
  • keeping from being bored by working on another drawing
  • distracting self by blogging. ha!



  • Dorkily: rereading manga like naruto and bleach. I should probably find a better sounding comic to be reading for fun, but whatever. deal with it.
  • pixar. especially commentaries (see a trend?)
  • looking at the stack of pages already done. I’m on pages 34 and 35. my god.
  • Alphonse Mucha (See over here, or google his name, like I just did.) the lines and complicated decorations…perfect for the dramatics of Madame Leopard and for my own slight obsession with complicating my pages…

I should like, add the links to blogs and things I actually read to the “blogroll” huh? hmm.


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A.A. Milne well aren’t you posting frequently, Megan?

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