Because I can:

July 4, 2008 at 10:14 pm Leave a comment

favorite, favorite songs right now:

  • “birthday” by The Accidental (well, the whole CD is pretty good, I think, but this one is so quiet and sweet and a little sinister…)
  • “I felt your shape” by the microphones (old favorite, but “birthday” reminds me of it, and now it’s in my head)
  • “Libraries” by seabear (lyrics get stuck in my head…”and I don’t believe you live in a library…”
  • “your new twin sized bed” by death cab for cute (so sad. oh, deathcab.)
  • “simple things” by Belle&Sebastian (for some reason this super short song really gets stuck in my head…)
  • the entire Yotsuba&! soundtrack. I love the kuricorder pops orchestra….
  • “between hello & goodbye” by the fieldmice (ok, so I definitely only found this because the boy least likely to did a cover and I could never find it. I wish, I wish I could….)
  • “who” by agyness deyn and the five o’clock heroes (way better than a song featuring a supermodel should be…)
there you go. interesting updates (doubtful, but you know) will come when I return from Canada…I want to go home and work on the comic SO BAD.

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