comics angst

May 28, 2008 at 3:59 pm Leave a comment

so I was working on comics last night at like, 4 AM and it was kind of…disappointing, because the whole time I was sort of enjoying myself, but also worrying the whole time if I was doing it right. And then I got kind of worried this morning when I thought about it, because I was having much more fun drawing my own weird drawings and painting that weird painting I need to photograph for you to see. But I think the problem is I got too caught up in what I’m “supposed to do” (this is like the story of my life. meh.) So I think I should just do it my own way for now, and see how it goes. Sorry Rel, the comic might be intensely strange on my end. I hope you knew this going in.

I just want it to be good. But I want it to be fun, too. There’s no point if it’s not at least kind of fun. It makes me sad when some people in comics talk about how it’s not really that fun actually working on them. 

so I think I’m gonna experiment or something.

I was also having problems with what the hell everyone looks like. Because, like, we figured out what Sam looks like, but I don’t know how I draw anymore. And I dont know how to draw him from the side so he looks like him. I realize this whole “what’s my style?!” thing isn’t good in sophmore year of cartooning, but what if it’s just you not sure of how you draw? But I did feel more comfortable after the first two pages, so I figure I need to warm up or something. I’m pretty sure I’m redrawing a lot of those pages I did last night, but that’s ok. it didn’t take that long to do them. I don’t like the idea of not inking on the drawing (weird? probably) so I’m going to try to whole “drawing in blue colored pencil on the paper” thing, maybe. 


I told Rel I was going to try going to the beat of my own drummer, and that she should tell me if he should be sacked.


also I have been rereading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay and it’s the perfect book to make me all comic-motivated. Go read it, if you haven’t. Like, right now. It won awards.


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