Jim Henson

April 29, 2008 at 11:11 pm Leave a comment

I borrowed this book about Jim Henson from the library a couple weeks ago, and It was so cool. It’s fascinating to read about behind the scenes on the weirdness that is creating a show about muppets. I think Jim Henson is also one of my heroes now. He just seems so nice and funny and creative and inspiring from this book (well, of course I should think that, it’s a book about him, but you know how it is.) Now me and Rel really want to make our own puppet show.

But what I’m really posting about are his drawings. Or at least the couple I saw in the book that I really, really liked. This is my absolute favorite, and I think it’s for some publicity thing:

Isn’t it great? I wish I had books and books of stuff like this, but the book didn’t say much of anything about what he did besides muppets and planning this big disco night club and stuff…

anyway, here are a couple others:


and one which I think might be done by Froud, not Henson, from when they were working on the Dark Crystal, but I’m not sure. It’s beautiful either way:

and now I want to google Jim Henson all night long instead of writing an essay or working on projects….



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