I has store credit at cosmic comics.

April 21, 2008 at 7:12 pm 2 comments

practicing for drawing project. This turned out to be Rel’s boyfriend. he shaved his head and now wears a wig and doesn’t like it :/

did you know how difficult it is to find a meade composition book? especially the gridded kind, which is apparently extinct from the state of New York, I don’t know…

in other news; how awesome would a SVA comics review blog be? because I got comics today and yay.

I got new volumes of “Powers” which I really like, though I think sometimes there’s too much text and it’s laid out in a weird way that is hard to tell which was things are going. Yeah, those are kind of a big deal actually, but I like it a lot anyway. They also repeat pictures a lot…but I can live with it. Sometimes it has really cool panel situations and stuff. And it’s got really good writing. Pretty much it’s all like, detectives investigating crimes involving superheroes. yeah. awesome, right? so technical problems I can deal with.

I also went all fangirly and got two issues of the new firefly comic, even if the old wasn’t t9hat good. And an issue of Abe Sapien cus he rocks. And I wanted issue one of B.P.R.D. 1946 but settled for issue 3. I mean, I’m not usually a fan of hellboy unless Mignola is drawing AND writing, but uh…..1946? come on. you KNOW there will be like, demon nazis and stuff. awesome. it’s historical. mmhm.


also please watch an Engineer’s Guide to Cats. it made me laugh.



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another weekend closer to summer Advice:

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