another weekend closer to summer

April 20, 2008 at 7:09 pm Leave a comment

ok, so I got an awesome idea for my drawing project that I need to investigate more, but it is making me super-excited. But this is a spoiler free zone, so I will say no more.

also I need to plan manMegan for painting class. I need to be doing something dynamic. maybe fighting crime.

also I just watched American Splendor and it was pretty cool. I have decided Paul Giamatti should play me in the inevitable movie they make of my life (because I will obviously do something awesome, shut up.) Or maybe Judah Friedlander because I had no idea it was him in the movie untill about halfway through. Or maybe they should like, hire a woman, I don’t know. And, going back to the subject of American Splendor, I guess I will check out the comics one day, though I don’t like Crumb very much. (and I guess by “very much” I mean “at all”)

In other news, I heard Amy Kim and Kazu Kibuishi talk on friday and it was really great, but what was better was going to dinner with people and the fact that me and Jemma got to see our buddy Jennie for the first time in a while. But mostly what I liked most about the talk was that he said to draw what makes you happy instead of what you think people want. I think I need to do that more instead of worrying. 

I’m talking in circles again.

anyway, I put off all this stuff all weekend and I kind of JUST REMEMBERED and it’s like: “aaaaaahahaha what. oh. oops.” hmm.

so, so desperate for summer


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