Chris Ware show

February 9, 2008 at 9:00 pm Leave a comment

 Chris Ware poster We all saw some stuff by the uber talented Chris Ware in painting class, so I guess you all might be interested in seeing the show that Cartoon Allies went to today. I really love his work, so I loved the show. His lines are so crisp and clean and everything is so perfectly placed… I was going nuts. I love the way he lays out his pages in unexpected ways. His coloring is great too, but you don’t see so much of it in this exhibition. They’ve got a bunch of his comic pages from a story he did, as well as the drawings for covers of the New Yorker. I’m in awe of how neat his work is. I also like his sense of humor, and the kind of stories he seems to enjoy telling, about kind of lame, boring people, who don’t usually end up in comic books. I especially liked the series of pages about people living in an old apartment building (you’ll see, if you go. I don’t think anyone but Chris Ware could do this story the way he did.) and a huge single page about someone (whom I heard was his brother) that reminds me a lot of our drawing assignment; It’s basically made up of lots of things he remembers about his brother’s life:Chris Ware  Anyway, the show is mostly on the web over here, but I definitely recommend going to the real thing at this address: Adam Baumgold Gallery, 74 East 79th St from tues-sat 11-5:30. (their main website is here) The show ends march 15, so you’ve got a couple weeks to make it. …I kind of spent the whole time staring at the pages and going “…I like it A LOT….”  


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