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January 23, 2008 at 3:02 am Leave a comment

Okay. So I drew this weird sort-of-comic and I figured I might as well post it, since it made me laugh, and Rel too, though maybe she was just laughing at hers.Which I hope she posts because otherwise mine make much less sense.Besides that, I thought I’d post some art people I’ve been liking recently.I really, really love James Jean’s work. He’s been doing the covers for the comic Fables, which is awesome anyway, but his art is so complicated and strange and beautiful.I just found Jillian Tamaki’s website because I was reading about a comic she did with her cousin which is supposed to be really good. I think her gallery is really interesting.I really love the art of Audrey Kawasaki. After a certain point it’s kind of like “okay, another nude on wood and it’s really pretty, but you’ve done this a ton of times.” but she’s so damn good at it.and then I just refound this website Lotus Eater I think it’s in japanese, so I have no idea who the artist is, but I really like the tiny worlds he/she is making in these really clean, pixely pictures. 


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