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so um. I’ve been updating my flickr for the first time in a while. I should probably get a paid account so I don’t have some pictures unseeable, but whatever.
my deviantart will probably be updated more…at some point. I have pages and pages of comics/drawings done for class to share, except I left the xeroxes in my dorm. also I kind of hate most of them by now. WHATEVER.
I kind of want to get blogging again, and now that I have very little I have to do (besides sleep and maybe read things and maybe work on this tiny idea I have) I think I might get around to it.

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Oh yeah, that blog


been bombarded with work for school. It’s kind of really exciting and simultaneously really exhausting.

recent things I have been obsessed with:

-the backgrounds/art of 101 dalmatians. actually, animated stuff in general.

-listening to NPR

-watching election coverage/voting

-reading time magazine

-M&Ms and pretzels

-watching TV online

-photoshopping things



-keeping warm

it seems sometimes like my whole life is becoming COMICS all the time, and it’s okay sometimes. Sometimes I am so so full of ambition and excitement about it, and I really do like working on pages, thought sometimes I get frustrated by my own inability to get things to be as great as I want to be. But I like parts of the process I didn’t think I would, like penciling in the panel borders. Other times I feel strangled. by art in general too. Sometimes it’s like I’m stuck looking at the world too much through one pair of glasses and I want to take them off. And I worry about not being good enough. I want to have everything quiet down for a little while so I can see the rest of the world and stop over thinking.

at least winter break is coming.

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I do still exist

I uploaded comics I’ve been doing for class to deviantart. Check them out over there.

in general, working on stuff for class has made me super embarrassed about the starry knights pages. but they helped me loosen up. and I think there’s still some good stuff among the non-standardized pages and wobbly lines and stuff…

Things have been majorly hectic here but also, inbetween deadlines and stuff, pretty good. Just very busy.

I’m excited to vote in about a week. Actually, I’m probably more excited for the election coverage. I’ve been a huge election news junkie.

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Guess who updated her DeviantArt page?

I did.

actually, I need to somehow get pictures of the comics we are doing now for class soon.

and also the spx “comic”. joy.

you know you’re excited.

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long time no see.

I found this and laughed. 

have yet to decide if I should bother posting again, school has eaten my life…

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hey! it’s that comic! starry knights! go read page one!!!

also bookmark it and check back, yes yes.

in retrospect: oh god page one is like, almost embarassing. I swear, I get better at the drawings. D:

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more Mucha lovefest

I hear (well read on the internet) that Mucha and Gauguin were pals? uh. the only way that could get more awesome is if Van Gogh wrote Mucha some Very Earnest Letters.(that reminds me that I need to read that book of Van Gogh’s letters…)


so, I’m looking for a full version of what this is from. I know it’s a watercolor by mucha:

will probably be searching in the school library for pictures by him anyway. it’s for a secret project. kind of.

anyway, now I am looking at more delicius mucha art on google images, so here is one of my favorites. it’s the colors:

I also found the work of Zinaida Serebriakova recently. Admittedly, I pretty much just googled her and went “ooh, pretty” so I can’t like, geek out and tell you much about her. But her stuff is really amazing. I thought she must have been more or less contemporary from her self portrait:

but she was working in around the 1900s.

gonna try to look her up some more when I have the time. Along with a bunch of other artists whose work I’ve saved onto my desktop. more substantial posts soon, I promise. and art and Comic info. yes!

but now I need to go pack. ugh.

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